On 14 August 2014, the Board announced that East Profit Global Investments Limited (“East Profit Investments”) , Jiangsu Jianghuai Engine Co., Ltd (“Jianghuai Engine”) and Shanghai Dongsheng Equity Investment Company Limited (“Shanghai Dongsheng”) entered into the JV Agreement to establish a sino-foreign joint venture enterprise , the Dongkui Financial Leasing (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. (“Dongkui”). The total capital contribution to be made by East Profit Investments, Jianghuai Engine and Shanghai Dongsheng under the JV Agreement represents their pro rata equity interest of 77.58%, 15.59% and 6.83% respectively in Dongkui.

Dongkui Financial Leasing (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. was incorporated in 2014 and based in Lujiazui, Shanghai, the PRC, with 30 years term of operation.

Business scope includes: (i) financial leasing; (ii) leasing; (iii) acquisition of domestic and foreign leasing properties; (iv) handling and maintenance of residual value of leasing properties; (v) leasing transaction consultation and guarantee; and (vi) commercial guarantee and claims business in relation to the principal business. Dongkui will mainly focus on the business of agricultural machinery leasing at this stage, and the target clients includes agricultural machinery companies.Dongkui will also consider financial leasing on other business areas if suitable opportunities arise.