Dongkui’s target clients including Chinese state-owned enterprises, listed companies, medium and large private enterprises.


  • Through the assessment of corporate earnings, financial condition and source of repayment conditions, Dongkui considers projects that have reliable ratings, controlled risks, adequate guarantee and collateral such as real estate, property and land.
  • Dongkui will mainly focus on the business of agricultural machinery leasing at beginning stage. Meanwhile will also consider financial leasing on other business areas if suitable opportunities arise. Such as aircraft, marine engineering, medical equipment, educational equipment, energy conservation and environmental protection, transportation, new sources of energy, high-end manufacturing, electricity grids and hydropower network and other national support industries, as well as focusing on key projects which liaise with the government and with government financing support.

Leasing business model:

The leasing model mainly applies the sale-leaseback and direct financing leases (including vendor leasing), leveraged leases and operating leases.